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RISE Glass,
SE-351 96 Växjö

Visitor's/Delivery address:
Vejdes plats 3, 352 52 Växjö

Tel: +46 10 516 63 50

Do you need access to cutting-edge expertise in glass applications?
Here you will find an independent innovation and development partner ready to focus on your exact needs.

At RISE Glass (formerly Glafo) we work with everything from transparent intelligence and colours that filter out wavelengths to toughened and thin glass, biological glass and mineral wool. Among our customers are raw materials suppliers, manufacturers, processing businesses and companies that specialise in combining materials, as well as users and recyclers.

An area that is advancing very rapidly is glass with added functions. Why not add a touch function and create glass that is interactive? Or increase the durability of inexpensive organic solar cells by laminating them with glass? Another example might be to print electronic circuitry on the glass, thereby adding further possibilities, as yet unknown. By producing prototypes, we investigate and reveal the new potential they hold.

For more than 70 years, we have being adding features to and developing glass, and in recent years this work has been expanded to include investigating the potential of other transparent materials. RISE Glass is unique to the Nordic Region and has an extensive international network featuring a number of trusted partners and customers, such as IKEA of Sweden and the Absolut Company.

Glafo, Innventia, SP and Swedish ICT have merged under the auspices of RISE in order to become a stronger research and innovation partner for businesses and society. RISE Glass is part of the division Built Environment.

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An overview of our technology areas
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